ZenMom is a mobile application for young mothers and those who are just planning to give birth.

It contains a set of effective tools based on constant self-development, learning and daily meditation and reflection, which aim to help solve the most pressing problems that arise at different stages of motherhood.


  • Stress and depression
  • Lack of time for self-development in the daily routine
  • Most study resources contain unstructured and unreliable information
  • Numerous unsuccessful attempts to form the dream album of memory of all the main moments of the child


  • Solving not one, but several common problems of mothers
  • Proven and structured learning materials that are presented to the user in a familiar format
  • Carefully selected best meditations, white noise for mothers and children, stories, which are offered to the user according to his inner state and mood
  • Unique app design designed specifically for millennial moms.

Let’s study effectively with us with the best materials

  • The best books based on reviews from mothers and experts
  • In our courses all the information which is checked by experts
  • All material is presented in a structured way in a convenient story format
  • Survey at the end of each lesson and book to help you master the material effectively

Relax, listen while walking with children, playing or even sleeping

  • The best meditative music you can choose for your mood
  • White noise for you and your kids
  • The most effective meditations that we have carefully selected for you
  • Interesting stories for you and your children

Save all the important moments with your baby

  • Save to the album all the main stages of your child’s development
  • Reminders to help you remember to take a photo or note
  • Enjoy our new design created especially for you